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About Us

Attachment Resilience Connection

At ARC we specialise in providing intervention to help children, adolescents, adults and families to be strong, resilient and connected. ARC’s core perspective on attachment, resilience and connection are at the heart of all practice. We offer sensitive and responsive support to help our clients work through current issues to improve their overall well-being and quality of life. Our approach aims to be collaborative, non-judgemental, confidential, caring, and underpinned by an understanding of the client’s and families true values and goals.


Vison and Values

Our Vision

​To be a model of client centred best practice in the delivery of psychology services - that enhance the lives of children, young people and adults and support the referring community in doing so.


Our Values

  • ​To commit to best practice standards and principles for the benefit of clients, well regarded consultants and our referrers.

  • To do the best for our clients and to never harm them. We respect and promote their autonomy, self-determination, without judgement, and tailor our approach to suit their individual needs, capabilities and wishes.

  • To be professionally competent. At ARC we are continually developing our professional skills and knowledge through further education, supervision, feedback and self-reflection. We also recognise and work within our limits of competence and only provide services where we have adequate training or experience.

  • To be proactive and responsive

  • To meet the needs of clients, medical referrers, and community

Meet the Team

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